Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pulsar 220 customize to Kawasaki Ninja 250

Brilliant concept with Pulsar 220!!!

Hey guys I designed this using Photoshop in order to know how it will look. And i think i got a excellent results here.

As i told you before, I will do some experiments like this so that we can  get a clear idea about what we are doing, and can anticipate its look. I think this design suits pulsar a lot, and this is an entirely different modification.

No one could take risk to modify their bikes because modification means giving our bike a distinct look from others. So I would suggest you to first calculate before implementing mod. 

So I am here to help you guys. Suggest me the mod you want to do with your bike before implementing and will give you a designs according to your concept.

Its not a bad idea so guys  go for it and get a unique look.

(The bike I took for modification already has the Yamaha R15 foot rest kit, Well designed swing arm and bigger Tyre. I mostly like the swing arm which is used here. It is customized to look so. Swing arm rates 4 out of 5.)

You can even suggest me your concept design by mailing me or  by posting comment.