Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pulsar 220 S with Double Scilencer

Lets talk about Pulsar 220 Street Fighter.

Naked Pulsar 220 reminds us of Pulsar 200 dts-i which was a great success among the Indian bikes. Pulsar 200 dts-i production has been close due to making Pulsar 220 FI to Pulsar 220 dts-i which is the common things and everyone knows about it, so let's move on.

This looks like a  simple modification but it is too hard to do because of the silencer. As you see here, we have to make a mirror model of the silencer  where you have to set things as per correct replica. 

Basically only one silencer will work. The other one is for a show. For those who want both silencer to work then you have to change the entire architecture of the silencer which is not a good idea in my opinion, yet it's possible.

  • PULSAR 135 TAIL 
  • The silencer looks good and gives a complete different look.
  • Pulsar 220 silencer is too heavy it will affect your mileage.