Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pulsar 150 to Yamaha R15 v 2.0 tail kit

We are back with pulsar 150 UG 4, which is customized with Yamaha R15 version 2.0 tail and Pulsar 220 F head light kit. 

Hot and Smoky...

Marvelous job done with perfection, this is for those who loves Yamaha R15 rear height to get a complete sporty look and for it you have to get a Yamaha R15 v 2.0 rear tail kit along with both seat so that it will look great. You have some welding works to do before installing R15 tail kit, then cut rear frame to make it lean just as in Yamaha R15. Taking help from an expert will be an excellent idea. After welding you have to paint that place repeatedly for at least 3-4 time so that it will be protect from rust. You can do this yourself you with the help of spray paint (100 ml for 100/-). Now Fix your tail kit.

Now talk about Pulsar 220 F head light assembly, I think it is a nice combination. As I told you before while assembling Pulsar 220 kit you have to do it in proper way. Because when we drive in Indian roads which are very rough, nut and bolts might get loosen. So you have to pay extra attention to it.

The important thing about modification is it's perfection, it should look flawless, because in mod we are adding different parts to a bike, which doesn't belongs to it, so even a slight blunder will cost you. 

Again some points you must keep in your mind while doing mod is, service your modified parts once in month. Because when a bike is customized within the company they use machines to tighten bolts. Here in our modification we use spanners and other tools, which are not that stable. So its better to get serviced.

It looks simply awesome to me.

If any one is interested in doing this modification for them I have a suggestion that it would add on the flamboyant look of the bike if you change the foot rest, Tyre ( bigger one) and by removing the chain guard and mud flaps.

  • Looks great, feel more sporty, comfortable riding.
  • Pulsar 220 F kit will bring great difference in your ride.
  • Split seats must be arranged properly otherwise there is a chance of breaking tail kit.
  • Frame must be welded properly in both cases (Yamaha R15 tail kit and Pulsar 220 Kit)