Monday, April 29, 2013

Pulsar 150 UG 4 to Pulsar 200 dts-i

Let's talk about Pulsar 150 UG 4. Its stunning no doubt about it.

Hmmm but we all want a change, so a mod in style wont go wrong. In fact it will not only make your bike more appealing but also give you a certain level of confidence. Isn't it?

Let's see the miraculous effect.

You guys can figure out the modifications we have done here. Yes its the split seat and the silencer. 

While putting up a split seat you have to be little caution, because you have to weld a metal rod across the frame so that the complete weight over the rear seat will be on this rod and if its not aligned properly it could harm your fiber kit. I am saying this out of my personal experience. 

Silencer of Pulsar 200 is little heavier than 150, so be sure about fixing the silencer with a metal piece which gives rigidity to it. And the foot rest of Pulsar 200 is slightly bigger than 150.

Again don't forget perfection is important aspect, because you don't want it to look fake.

  • This Silencer is more comfortable and makes you feel good.
  • Split seats gives you a sporty look.
  • Pulsar 220 silencer exhaust is bigger so it also make difference in mileage.
  • Split seats must be arranged proper otherwise there is a chance of breaking tail kit.
  • Silencer is heavy so you will feel a little weight on your bike.