Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pulsar 150 ug 4.5 with split seat

Pulsar 150 UG 4.5 with split seats.

It look similar to Pulsar 180, isn't it? For normal bike user's, they wont see much difference between 150 and 180 after this modification. But as we know there is a lot of difference between both bikes like Silencer, Split handle bar, Foot rest kit, Split seats, Bigger swing arm, Bigger front fork, leg guards etc. I am only mentioning about the physical appearance.

This one is very less budgeted modification. It will cost up to rs. ~800.

Nice and simple work but done with excellence.

  • Split seats
  • Split seats gives you a sporty look and seating comfort.
  • cost effective work.
  • Split seats must be arranged properly otherwise there is a chance of breaking tail kit.
  • Proper welding must be done.