Wednesday, January 6, 2016



The Honda CBR650F is a bike that will appeal to your practical and emotional sides. A truly fun ride at a great price, it’s what Honda does like no one else. Built around a smooth, inline-four engine specifically tuned for low-to-midrange torque, the CBR650F has a power band that’s suited for a wide range of riding styles. Weekday commuting, weekend sport riding, long trips, short hauls, solo or with a passenger— the CBR650F does it all.

The CBR650F is built around a twin-spar steel frame, housing a 649cc 16-valve inline four-cylinder engine.
This engine puts out 86bhp and 63Nm of torque through a six-speed gearbox. The CBR650F rides on 41mm forks at the front and a mono-shock in the rear with a seven-stage spring-preload adjust. 

Race-Winning Heritage

With an unprecedented unmatched 700 total MotoGP victories, Honda’s winning heritage stands far above any other manufacturer, just as Honda’s motorcycles stand out on the street. Our superior engineering and technology put our GP bikes in the winners’ circle and put you ahead on the street.

Bang for Your Buck

This is a machine that offers an incredibly high fun factor while keeping real-world budgets in mind. Its ergonomics and performance will keep you excited and its price and features will keep your wallet.

Inline-Four Engine

Honda pioneered the modern inline-four layout and we’ve never looked back. With smooth running and offering terrific performance, the CBR650F’s powerplant is one of our best.

Twin-Spar Steel Frame

Rock-solid handling starts with a rock-solid chassis. The CBR650F’s frame is strong for sharp, responsive handling, but not too stiff for casual, everyday riding.

Multi-Function Instruments
The CBR650F offers a digital LCD instrument package. Everything is clearly visible, night or day, and includes all the info you need for longer trips or cross-town commutes.

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