Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pulsar 220 with Yamaha R15 side panels

Here again we are with Pulsar 220, now we gonna compile it with Yamaha R15 side panels. Its a amazing combination, really it suits nice with Pulsar 220. Look at the monster now it become a heavy bike. Isn't it looks cool? 
And the graphics work is too awesome.

You can see the marvelous change. This gives our Pulsar a new avatar look. 

Hey bike maniacs its for you guys. Its a cost effective modification only you have to buy the Yamaha R15 side panels. But the only thing is to be notified here is, the panel must be aligned in a proper manner. In the sense, if the side panel is fixed a little lower up to that silencer then it looks much better than this. Modifying bikes means we are changing it to a new dimension so we have to bother about the perfect design too. For every modification there must have a perfection. Try to remember this, modification must be done very perfectly.

Really am amazed Yamaha R15 complete kit and side panels are perfectly matching for Pulsar. Every time Pulsar proves that its a monster and any kind of modification can be perfectly done with it.

You can easily figure out the modification done here. I wont suggest to cut the mud guard, I prefer baby Pulsar's Tail kit.

Remember as i always says, make sure about its symmetry and ground clearance while assembling spares.

  • It looks cool and make you feel amazing.
  • We can say it as, it is made for Pulsar.
  • cost effective modification.
  • Pulsar 220 is  a oil cooled engine so that you don't have to worry about the engine cooling system.
  • Alignment must  be perfectly done.
  • Proper maintenance must be given to bike.
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